How Hypnosis Works

Hypnosis is a highly relaxed state where a client’s subconscious is accessed for making positive changes. During this state client is aware of the circumstances and suggestions imparted to him by Hypnotist.

Do subjects lose control of their mind during Hypnosis?

No. Hypnotist will help the willing client to achieve a trance state to impart suggestions. At all times and in all degrees of Hypnosis, the client has complete power of accepting the suggestion given by Hypnotist.

Does Hypnosis help in Pain reduction?

Yes. In many instances Hypnosis is used as anesthesia. It has also been used in birthing without pain. For a Medical film Dave Elman has demonstrated delivery by Hypnosis without using chemical anesthesia.

Can I be Hypnotized?

Yes. Hypnosis is heightened state of awareness where you can accept suggestions. The degree and depth of Hypnosis varies but certainly everyone can be Hypnotized.

How does Hypnosis work for Addictions?

Generally root cause for addictions such as eating junk food, smoking and substance misuse started as a response to the stress event. Hypnotist uses regression technique to find the root cause and help the client to remove the stress. Hypnotist also implants love towards healthy foods/healthy habits.

What protocol is used for getting rid of Phobias/fears?

Once client is deep Hypnosis we follow a three step process. 1. Imagining the situation as a far away spectator

2. Imagining the situation from a near by location

3. Allowing the client to be in the stressful situation

When should I consider Hypnosis?

Make sure you check with your PCP to rule out any Pathological reasons for your condition. Any Psychological reason can be dealt with your Hypnotist.